Access control


There are many products available. While one may seem as good as the other, we believe standardized solutions will benefit your future expansion, but also offer additional security. An IP access control solution can be used with your existing camera system. This combination allows several options:

Choose your solution

Choosing the right access control system should be based onuser-friendliness and security authorization. The goal of the system is to control personnel; to make sure people cannot access areas they are not authorized to access.

  • Text message or email alerts: you will receive a photo if an intruder or unauthorized person enters your site, or if someone enters outside of authorized hours.
  • User authentication: you can preregister users in the database. Once they are registered, it is easy to notice if an individual uses another staff member’s access card.
  • Imposter monitoring: receive an alert if a person enters at the same time as another.
  • Active directory: connect your network infrastructure with our access control system—this will make your life and that of your network administrators that much easier.
  • Facial confirmation: activate this option and entry will be refused if an individual does not show his face.

This is just a short list of the main advantages available to our clients.

Add-ons and expenses:

Several projects require the addition of an access door and/or a new, more efficient product. Whatever the case, our systems are compatible with many products:


Taking the time to properly assess your needs is important. After all, you will be the one using these products for years to come.