Alarm systems

Interactive alarm systems:

Getting your money’s worth is DCI Sécurité’s motto. Interactive systems provide many advantages. Here are a few:
  • Disable your alarm system remotely
  • Add users on your own
  • Know in real time that someone disabled your system
  • Receive an image through the use of cameras to identify who disabled the system
An alarm system adapted to today’s reality . . . How long does it take authorities to get on site after a break-in? We certainly do not need to tell you that it can take a while. In many cases, response times are unfortunately so long that intruders are already long gone by the time authorities get there. This is mainly due to high false alarm rates. It is understandable then that police do not always take alarms seriously.

Visual confirmation systems are growing more and more popular. During a break-in, the video surveillance central station operators receive a regular alert with video image. This allows them to quickly determine whether the breach is real or not. In the event that the alarm is real, they are able to confirm this with police. This then becomes a Priority 1 alert and police know they are not going on site for nothing.