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Trailers St-Henry - Installation of a security system connected to our video monitoring station.


With 20 years of service on the road and the acquisition of a new building, the company is booming! The Larocque family practices in the transportation industry since 1901 With its experience, the company has adapted to the changing marketplace.



Access control

HD IP cameras

Central Alarm and tetesurveillance

Their rise naturally attracts the greed of thieves. Indeed, the growing company, both for service and parts sales trailers, new and used trailers that specialized equipment is found to be in possession of more and more equipment, materials and Trailer to protect. Flights from materials in their warehouse, trailers and other expensive parts and vehicles on trailers were becoming too frequent.

The company decided to take the lead. She wants to invest in a security system in line with the value of its equipment and growing future.

After meeting with various security companies, our solution was able to convince them and they gave us the responsibility to protect them.



To protect this equipment in their warehouse of 300,000 square feet, we have installed:

- A control system for the 16 access
- An alarm system in case of intrusion


To monitor their trucks and outside their warehouse:

- The IP cameras high resolution with intelligent detection system
- Monitoring alerts our control panel





All access to the warehouse are controlled and require a card to be unlocked.


If a suspect is found in the protected area, it is directly identified using smart cameras analyzing the movements and recognize the characteristics of the shape of a man. An alarm is triggered and sent to our monitoring station.


Thereafter, the operator of the plant takes over immediately. If the person is still on the scene, it comes with the speaker to make a vocal response. It identifies the individual so that it knows it is located and recorded by a surveillance system. It is usually not necessary to notify police, because at that stage the suspects had already fled.


Investment Trailers St-Henri to protect both their external and domestic equipment has paid off. To date, flights ceased.


For 2 years, TRAILERS ST-HENRI puts its trust DCI security for peace of mind!