Wide choice of security cameras

CAMERAS: GEMS of technology

Installed to dissuade, to spy, in daytime or nighttime, indoors or outdoors, super shock-resistant, resistant to extreme weather conditions, miniature, exceptional clarity, and 360 degrees—security cameras have multiple features, and adapt to the needs of businesses and meet the demands of modern life.

Whatever the situation, DCI Sécurité offers a wide range of surveillance cameras, which will help you meet the security, management, and development goals of your project.

We pay special attention to the choice of cameras offered, to ensure that they will meet the criteria of professional video surveillance. Also, whether you choose a CCTV, HDcctv or IP technology, we guarantee a range of cameras, options and accessories. All types of cameras are available with an analog or IP system.


Faced with an abundance of choice, we’ve compiled a mini-guide of the different types of cameras available.

The Classic Box Camera

The most common video surveillance camera! Depending on the type of surveillance you’ll want to carry out, the lens can be changed as desired. This camera can also be installed in a fixed manner or in a manner that allows it to rotate and tilt as required. Typically used indoors, the box camera can also be used outdoors by protecting it against bad weather with proper housing.

The Bullet Camera: Simple and Sturdy

The design of this camera showcases its advantages: practical, simple, and sturdy.

Practical—its installation is fast and easy, reducing our technicians’ installation time. Their housing usually offers a high level of protection, meaning that these cameras can resist harsh weather conditions and dusty, humid areas. Most of these cameras offer day and night vision, and are assembled in a way that lets you position the lens as desired.

Dome Cameras

Fixed: these are cameras that can be installed on walls or ceilings. The advantage is that they are darker and more discreet as opposed to a classic camera. And, in the fixed dome camera family, the mini dome cameras are even more discreet.

PTZ: multifunctional cameras. The static models also include the “Pan Tilt Zoom” (PTZ) cameras, used in very large surveillance zones. Added features include: programmable functions, predefined rotation, tilt, and zoom. Their image resolution is comparable to that of a telephoto lens. Their fundamental quality resides in their visual performance: you can see details from long distances with their global views, particularly in outdoors settings or in large surveillance areas.

miniaturization of models

The mini dome camera models are so small that they are barely visible. Their support systems are similarly adapted and ensure their discretion.