Car dealership security

Auto theft is most certainly a car dealer’s worst fear. Thieves are becoming more and more cunning and bold—they will steal the keys from under your nose.

Good news! We are smarter than they are: none of our clients have reported any auto thefts since they trusted us with their security. And news must spread fast because only a few risk-takershave dared to venture onto lots we monitor. This is very good news indeed forcar dealers!

“I’m protected” . . . Are you sure?

Without wanting to doubt you, you should know that in 2014 there were over 24,000 cars stolen. That number is always on the rise. Don’t become anotherstatistic; let us conduct a small, no fee, no obligation test. This test consists in simulating abreak-in and theft in order to verify your procedures and systems.

Together we will figure out a good time for the test and the day after you will have our assessment in hand. It’s only after this test that you will be able to see if you really are as protected as you believe.