Facial recognition

Yes, it is possible to recognize an individual moving around in a specific location. Facial recognition is the best solution to identify unauthorized individuals or to prevent shoplifting. Shoplifting represents $835,000 in losses per day for Quebec retailers. Is it possible to completely stop these unwanted losses? We believe so. While we cannot reveal our solutions because we need to protect our engineering secrets, one thing is for sure: if a face has been registered during a break-in or shoplifting act, that person will not be able to cross into our surveillance areas without us knowing about it.

How it works:

In case of theft, the store provides us with video footage so that we can identify the perpetrator. We then give him the nickname “template”. For the moment he has no name, just a description identifyinghis sex, height, and race. This “template” is then entered into our main “Master Template” server. The master template is the master of all servers in all stores. Once our team enters this file into the system, it is distributed to all stores that have facial recognition systems in place. The next time the thief gets caught on one of our cameras, our central station is notified. Client-specific procedures are then put into action.