What image definition means for quality

Image DEFINITION and quality

The higher the camera’s definition, the better the image quality.

In professional video surveillance, each detail is vital because it could become significant, or even proof in case of force majeure. The number of pixels determines the level of definition. This applies to the choice of camera itself, but also for the recording during data archiving on another medium. You cannot afford to have an out of focus poor quality image at a crucial moment.

If you’re looking for quality, we recommend megapixel cameras, because analog systems or traditional IP cameras do not have enough image resolution. We often compare it with the viewing of a movie on an old VCR versus a Blu-ray reader. You can cover a lot more depth in the image while maintaining impeccable image clarity. See the difference for yourself in the following images. Or contact one of our representatives to view entire video sequences and get a better idea of the difference between the two.