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Our mission is to provide our personnel and clients with the complete package to guarantee the highest possible level of security. It is our unique drive to go above and beyond the product that makes us leaders in the security industry.  

Unparalleled Service

For 10 years now, we have been providing unparalleled service to over 300 businesses. In order to serve you better, you can contact us between 8:00 am and 8:00 pm 7 days/week.

Tranmission Tower

By integrating a highly efficient alert system into Bell and Rogers' fences, financial losses from the theft of metals are stopped.

Wireless Transmission

For the surveillance and security of their James Bay site, DCI Sécurité rises to the challenge, despite geographic obstacles –antennas transmit camera data to the control station.

Automobile Dealerships

Automobile Dealerships and DCI Sécurité, Proud Partners for over 10 Years. We are experts in your installations. Say goodbye to security guards–our automated systems are reliable and efficient!

IP Surveillance

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 With a high-tech surveillance system, we are proud to offer visitors worry-free relaxation. 

Transport company

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Through a combination of several solutions, DCI Sécurité provides a glitch-free system. 

Halo Metrics, Strategic Partner

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Their solutions offer a better presentation of available products while ensuring efficient protection.

Kaizen Counter

The departments are equipped with virtual meters. Automated video analysis improves the anticipation of client needs. 

Retail Products

DCI Sécurité and Halo Metrics join forces to offer the perfect security combination. 

Maximum Security

Auto Gouverneur calls on our expertise to protect their dealerships. Their outdoor perimeter is now impenetrable. 

Outdoor Perimeter Security

To meet their needs, DCI Sécurité installs the same unique system used to protect Canada's federal prison fences. 

Government Organization

DCI Sécurité protects the offices of the Société du Parc Jean-Drapeau. This includes monitoring access to the offices, a counter-intrusion system, fire protection, and remote surveillance. 

Replacing a Security Guard with a Smart Video System Further Demonstrates the System’s Efficiency

January 13, 2014 23:31 pm

As many people know, we specialize in securing exterior perimeters with active or passive systems. During this theft, one of the fixed cameras was able to distinguish the movement of a human shape. The PTZ camera then zoomed into the culprit from over 600 feet away. This allowed us to get a very clear facial image–all of this without any human intervention. Police were then able to meet evidentiary requirements and make an arrest.

Two Dealerships Choose a State-of-the-Art Active System

January 13, 2014 23:32 pm

For the last 3 months, Infiniti and Lexus (province of Quebec) have a glitch-free system. After 9 burglaries in one year, we were asked to create an active system that would be connected to our headquarters. Respecting their tight budget, we used three different technologies to create an impenetrable perimeter. Since then, there have been no burglary attempts. Our apologies to the thieves; from now on you’ll have to go elsewhere.

360-Degree 5-Megapixel IP66 Outdoor Camera Now Available

January 13, 2014 23:34 pm

It is now possible to monitor large outdoor spaces. This camera offers exceptional clarity and can be installed horizontally or vertically, as shown below. This minimizes cable installation costs and maximizes the range of vision. This short video demonstrates the camera’s different capabilities. Watch the video

New Transfer Capabilities: 1.2 Gb/s on 12km.

January 13, 2014 23:34 pm

We always assume that there has to be an end to the possibilities of high-speed wireless transmission. But no–it is now possible to transmit over 1000Mb/s for a distance of 12 kilometers. For large installations of more than 100 cameras, it is now possible to transmit wirelessly– another great way to avoid cut wires on the ground.

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What They Say About Us

Volvo Blainville

Nous avons mandaté DCI Sécurité pour nos clôtures à détection anti-intrusion. DCI Sécurité est incontestablement une compagnie qui vise la performance et la qualité des nouvelles technologies. 

Fadi K., Propriétaire

Les Condos Le Zen

Malgré la complexité du projet de garantir le contrôle d’accès des 70 portes des condominiums De Bullion, DCI Sécurité a remarquablement exécuté la tâche, et ce, sans difficulté.

John K., Propriétaire