What ONVIF compatibility means for you

Peace of Mind Investment: IP Video Standardization (ONVIF) and Scalability

When digital surveillance equipment first appeared, there were no design standards. Exchanges between equipment from different brands required a complex reprogramming, because one was incompatible with the other. In 2008, market leaders got together and established IP video system standards: The Open Network Video Interface Forum (ONVIF).

This thus allows scalability—but what is scalability? It’s the ability of a system or software to handle a growing amount of work in a capable manner. In IP video surveillance this translates as the ability to eventually increase your number of cameras or their capacity. In fact, if you haven’t planned to do this, you’ll be able to easily adapt your system by either adding compatible components to your computer (memory, processor, motherboard, hard drive) or by adding another computer. This guarantees peace of mind on your investment. Today, IP surveillance cameras are standardized and their technological capabilities can be adapted to the growth of your business.