PROTECTCAM Stand-Black Mod01


PROTECTCAM Stand-Black Mod01 is simply the easiest to use security for handheld electronic merchandise. No other display security device can match the Series 940 for easy set up, operational efficiency and ongoing display maintenance.

Designed for digital SLR and camcorders, PROTECTCAM Stand-Black Mod01 is a display solution that provides protection on demand for your larger handheld devices. The EC9100 puck is not limited to simply securing your merchandise but its interactive capability allows your customer to actually play with the live product! 

With the optional adapter EC9122 and EC9129 the EC9100 puck is also capable of displaying handheld electronics and tablet computers. 
Suggested Applications: Digital cameras, Digital SLRs, and Camcorders 

Superior Merchandising
•    Long stretch, long life, low maintenance cord
•    One sensor regulator accommodates all power-up voltage
•    Secure and power-up all cameras with one sensor
•    Lock-in power connector
•    Patented IR Technology allows store-specific key coding
•    Independent alarming security for every display position

Maximum Security
•    Patented Infrared (IR) Technology
•    Constant LED on fixture base and sensors
•    Tri-guard alarm—base, cords and sensors