ACCESSCARD TeleDoorBell 4 door controller incl.


The Teledoorbell C404CR is the heart of the Teledoorbell intercom system.  It supports up to 4 door stations and links them to your phone system so you can communicate with the door(s) from any phone in the house or outside if you enable the unit's call forwarding feature.

Simply add any of the Teledoorbell door stations to complete the system. The Teledoorbell controller is compatible with all X series, S series and Elite series door stations including audio only and audio/video models.

Normally the Teledoorbell will ring the telephones in the house with a distinctive ring and caller ID when someone presses the button on the door station.  Optionally the Teledoorbell controller can be set to forward the call to an outside line such as an office or cell phone so you can answer your door from anywhere in the world!  This forwarding feature can be enabled from inside the house or remotely using a touch tone phone.

The Teledoorbell C404CR controller includes dry contact relays that can be operated by telephone/remote telephone and can be set for timer or latching mode, allowing them to control garage doors, remote security gate locks, electric door latches, alarm shunts, etc.

The Teledoorbell allows the homeowner to call in remotely to communicate with the system, control the relays or even perform some programming.

Teledoorbell C404CR Features:

  • Enables two way conversation between door stations and any house telephone
  • When door station button is pressed, house phones ring distinctively (or call waiting tone is activated if phones are in use)
  • calls can be forwarded to an external phone so the door can be answered anywhere in the world
  • Includes control unit, power supply telephone jack.
  • Latching timer 0 to 45s
  • Control unit provides 4 normally open (NO) relays rated 1A 24VAC that can be controlled by phone, remotely or by the doorstation if programmed that way
  • Requires single CAT5 cable from each door station to main unit for audio/video/power.  Long video runs require coax cable for video.
  • Replaces Model# C304CR
  • CSA approved
  • 1 year warranty