Hardware encode, 16 video + 16 audio @ CIF or 8v+8a@D1 guaranteed 30fps@D1


Carte BCILDV-3000H4C/16+

  1. Model : 3000H4C16+
  2. Video Input : 16xCIF or 8xD1
  3. Audio input : 16/8


The BCILDV-3000H4C series Digital Video Recorder (DVR) is a professional class recording system that can store and play back images from up to 64 cameras at 25(PAL) or 30(NTSC) images per second per camera simultaneously. These images are transferred to a number of hard disks for safekeeping and can be recalled from view stations that are connected to the network.

There is no limitation on how many of each type of recorder can be used in any application, allowing for literally thousands of cameras to be recorded simultaneously. Even when using the video motion detection feature, images may be continuously recorded at a preset frame rate and motion events are simply marked within the recording for easy retrieval. Alternatively, the system may be programmed to record only based on internal video motion detection to minimize hard disk storage requirements. Continuous recording or event-based recording may be programmed individually for each camera with daily schedules for maximum flexibility.

Video storage units configured independently for each system are available in various sizes to accommodate length of storage requirements. Every system can store weeks or months of video, depending on the number of cameras being recorded, directly on the system hard drives for instant retrieval and playback. The storage units can use RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) technology. Level 5 or level 0 is available. In level 5 data is divided between drives in such a way that if one drive fails, the data can be reconstructed from the remaining drives. In level 0, however, data is written across multiple drives to improve performance, but if a drive fails, the data is lost.

View stations can be distributed on the system's network to accommodate viewing of live or recorded video with synchronous voice. From INTERNET these stations allow simultaneous viewing of 25 channels live or recorded video, from LAN these stations allow simultaneous viewing of 25 channels realtime live video, meanwhile, these channels may come from different DVRs simultaneously. Because of the low bandwidth requirements on the network, the system can be distributed over many buildings in many different physical locations in different cities or even countries.

Key Features:

State-of-the-art digital video technology, unbeatable image quality, up to 64 channels CIF video & audio realtime record in one PC.

  • Individual Unit Accommodate 1 to 64 Cameras Input at 30 Images per Second with synchronous audio inputs
  • Easy to use due to friendly GUI interface
  • Support large IDE HDD to meet long time storage requirement
  • Hardware support H.264 Compression, 30% More Powerful than MPEG-4 Algorithm, only 45MB/h HDD cost per channel
  • Realtime remote monitoring and playback via internet, support IE browser network client
  • Alarm-Before recording and alarm message sending
  • TV-out function
  • Digital Map function
  • Bi-direction remote call & talk function
  • Remote recording and remote administrating

  1. Compression : H.264 (Hardware support)
  2. Video Format : PAL/NTSC
  3. Displaying speed : Every channel PAL: 25fps, NTSC: 30fps
  4. Recording speed : Every channel PAL: 25fps, NTSC: 30fps
  5. Multiple Cards : 1~8
  6. Piture Resolution : CIF: 352x288@32bit true color  -  D1:704x576@32bit true color(Full D1 realtime)
  7. Image Size : 0.5K~8.0K
  8. Dual-stream : Yes
  9. Motion Detect : Yes
  10. Watermark : Yes
  11. DI/DO : Yes (Selected)
  12. PTZ Control : Yes
  13. Network Connection : LAN / PSTN / ISDN / ADSL / Internet
  14. OS : Windows NT / 2000 / XP / 2003 / VISTA