Aiphone Kit Video and audio Interphone


The Aiphone video door intercom kit includes a vandal resistant cast zinc surface mount audio/video door station.  The Aiphone video intercom provides peace of mind by giving the resident an opportunity to view and communicate with visitors without having to go to the door. When the guest pushes the call button on the door station, the indoor station rings and the video display turns on. Pressing the TALK button engages handsfree communication with the door station.

The door station has a 170 degree wide angle lens to ensure the entire entrance area can be viewed on the indoor station.  At the inside station, the resident can press the 'zoom' button to zoom in to a closer view and then pan the display around in this zoomed mode. 

A second indoor video station can be added  to provide two inside stations for answering calls.  With two indoor stations, the Aiphone intercom also provides room to room communication between stations.

The Aiphone JKS intercom also has the ability to add a door strike to remotely unlock doors or gates, as well as a a secondary option button/output and video feed from the master station to connect the video feed to a DVR, VCR or external monitor.

  • Includes master indoor station, surface mount vandal resistant cast zinc audio/video door station with call button, power supply
  • Kit can be expanded to 2 indoor video stations with addition of sub station
  • Only 2 wires needed from front door station to indoor station, for quick and simple new construction or retrofit installation
  • Hands free or 'push-to-talk' mode on indoor stations
  • Wide angle 170 degree CMOS video camera with 525 line resolution
  • Minimum allumination 5 lux at 1'6"
  • Maximum wiring distance 330 feet from door to master using 18AWG 2 conductor solid cable