Intercom Vidéo Audio


DCIINTERCOM Audio Vidéo JF System


The JF Series is a high performance, hands-free video intercom system with a superior monitor and an amazingly slim design. It is easy to operate and requires little time to install.

The JF Series is the simple and effective solution to your security needs. Five different door stations are available. The DCIINTERCOM Audio Vidéo is a standard, compact door station with a plastic cover.

The DCIINTERCOM Audio Vidéo have metal call buttons and vandal/weather-resistant panels. The DCIINTERCOM Audio Vidéo have call buttons, weather/vandal-resistant panels, and embedded access control card readers. All of the video door stations have a built-in speaker, microphone and a color CCD camera with white illuminator LEDs.

DCIINTERCOM Audio Vidéo Enhanced Version Features
The enhanced system adds several features to the standard system. It supports two color video door stations and three inside color monitor stations or audio only stations. Inside stations offer hands-free VOX or Push-to-talk (PTT) communication.

Door release and entrance monitoring are standard. Additional features include built-in Picture Memory, Internal Voice Memo, and Entrance Messaging. Image sequences are automatically recorded (8 frames per image) when a visitor calls. Up to 50 image sequences can be recorded and 10 sequences can be saved. Save special or necessary images, leave internal voice messages, and play recorded voice greetings for visitors.

Voice Memo at Master
easily record and play back a short message for someone or a reminder for yourself using the Voice Memo feature. Up to 3 voice memos for internal use can be recorded with up to 10 seconds per memo.

Messaging at door
When you can’t, or don’t want to use your voice to answer a visitor, simply use the Message for Entrance function. It allows up to two pre-recorded messages to be played when appropriate. After identifying a visitor, you can choose to use either your voice or a pre-recorded outgoing message to respond. This feature is helpful for individuals with limited speech abilities, non-native language occupants, or anyone who would prefer not to be identified.


  • Affordable Color Video System
  • Clear identification provided day & night
  • Both hands-free & push-to-Talk
  • LED light Indicates who is speaking
  • One or two color video door stations
  • VOX or Push-to-Talk operated communication
  • Large TALK button activates communication
  • Hands-free Audio and Video monitoring
  • Compact surface mount color video door station (JF-DA)
  • Vandal resistant video door stations available in both surface (JF-DV) and flush (JF-DVF)
  • Illuminating LEDs for low light conditions
  • Sets include video door station, master monitor, and power supply
  • Optional audio only door station available (JF-D)
  • JF-DVF-HID Door station features an embedded HID Card reader with Wiegand output to separate access panel

Applications in most markets:

Office buildings, retail stores, parking garages, front and rear entrances and employee only areas

Primary and secondary schools, college campuses, main entrances, service areas, and faculty areas

Government: Local, state and federal government branches, courtroom security, airports and embassies

Healthcare: Hospitals, medical clinics, nurseries, pharmacies, and staff lounges

Residential: Single-family homes, gated entries, housing developments and multi-tenant buildings w/ individual entrances