The Secret behind PowerSeries Neo: Mighty Communication Technology

DSC makes a powerful statement with PowerSeries Neo, a new feature-rich platform which leads the industry in redefining scalable commercial security.

The fusion of various state-of-the-art technologies result in a uniquely flexible and modular platform, enabling PowerSeries Neo to cater to a wide spectrum of intrusion industry needs, ranging from residential through to scalable commercial. PowerSeries Neo brings the best of technologies together, adding operational efficiencies while enhancing the reliability of high quality and secure communications.

As customers move towards using VoIP or mobile phones at their premises, PowerSeries Neo offers optional cellular and/or IP communication methods, with cellular and/or IP network as a primary or back-up communication path to ensure high speed, reliable and secure alarm communications.

PowerSeries Neo capitalizes on PowerG, the industry's leading- edge wireless intrusion technology, to offer a series of robust features geared towards decreasing operational costs while providing ultimate reliability in a security system.

The Power of PowerG

Multichannel, Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum technology enables the system to hop between wireless frequency channels to ensure the seamless transmission of secure communications between the devices and the control panel. Adaptive Transmission Power translates into up to eight years of battery life for the system's devices and peripherals, reducing battery-replacement incurred costs. High transmission ranges allow for devices to reliably communicate within up to 2 km/2187 yards line-of-sight, therefore reducing the cost of installing additional repeaters to service larger premises. TDMA synchronized communication technology prevents messages from colliding by splitting channels into various time slots, allowing for an increased amount of data transmission and ensuring that devices are able to consistently communicate when needed. 128 bit AES encryption offers exceptionally high level of protection against analysis tools and digital attacks. Other powerful features include protection against lost alarm messages, interference and frequency blocking. These features translate into a number of advantages for both dealers and customers. The system offers potential for extraordinary range to suit scalable commercial demands. Total control from remote allows for easy configuration of devices and peripherals as well as remote diagnostics. Optimized device placement via LED makes any installation quick and simple.

Alarm Verification Solutions

Reliable and effective alarm verification is paramount to any security monitoring service, allowing respondents to clearly identify emergent situations and to take appropriate action more rapidly. PowerSeries Neo utilizes innovative, regionally compliant alarm verification solutions such as visual verification and two-way audio and sequential detection, greatly reducing incremental high costs that can be incurred by false alarms and unnecessary site-checks while adding to the security professional's RMR. Leveraging numerous technologies as well as the highly effective Support Software, users can accurately but also remotely assess the situation inside the premises when an alarm is triggered by a burglary attempt, fire or other emergency. The software capabilities also eliminate the need for unnecessary site checks – ultimately saving time and cost while enabling responders to be alerted to any potentially dangerous situations.

Double-Checking, for Absolute Peace of Mind

Visual Verification: PowerSeries Neo offers the most sophisticated visual verification solutions through strategically installed PIR cameras which are activated the moment an alarm is triggered. Based on images sent instantly through to the monitoring facility equipped with a Sur-Gard System 5 Receiver, the situation can rapidly and accurately be assessed and escalated to authorities, if required, while providing respondents with critical information.

Audio Verification: PowerSeries Neo utilizes audio alarm verification through a built-in microphone in peripherals which, once an alarm is triggered, allows security service providers to call into the system and listen in on any sounds within the premises to better assess the situation. Any occupants within the premises can also be contacted via a built-in speakerphone for verbal confirmation of the validity of the alarm.

Sequential Alarm Verification: Based on customizable criteria, the PowerSeries Neo panel is able to intelligently monitor associated devices and intrusion-related events to effectively discern real, from false, alarms. Only once the panel has detected a real intrusion sequence of events, the alarm is confirmed with central stations for immediate notification of authorities.

Control Panel Features

  • 8 on-board zones
  • Expandable to 32 wireless and hardwired zones
  • 2 PGM outputs: expandable to 38 (HSM2204, HSM2208)
  • Template programming
  • Connect up to 8 supervised keypads with keypad zones
  • 4 partitions
  • 500-event buffer
  • 72 user codes

Keypad Features

  • 6 language support
  • Global partition status
  • Up to 128 hardwired or wireless zones supported
  • Full 32-character programmable labels
  • Menu programming
  • Modern, slim-line landscape keypad
  • White backlit keys
  • Blue LCD display
  • Displays outdoor temperature
  • 5 programmable function keys
  • Intuitive clock programming
  • Input/Output terminal
  • Fire, medical and panic keys
  • Adjustable backlight and keypad buzzer
  • Dual wall-mount and front cover tamper
  • Available with English function keys
  • Proximity with MPT mini prox tags