TABPROTECT Pod Alarme Tablette Mod1


Create the perfect blend of design and tough security for your laptops!

Light weight & quick install.

TABPROTECT Pod Tablet Alarm Mod1 is a display solution that provides protection on demand for your laptops and netbooks. The unique alarming tone allows your employee to quickly pin point the source of the alarm and the sleek design fits into your display without taking away the spot light of protected merchandise!

Superior Merchandising

  • Quickly and easily attaches to any size laptop or netbook
  • Excellent merchandising appeal – product remains concealed behind laptop and netbook
  • Light weight and fl¬exible – only weighs 4 oz – customers can experience the true weight of the laptop and netbook, not the security solution
  • Omni Alarm remains attached to merchandise
  • Omni Alarming Tone is unique from other alarm tones to wake employees up, letting them know merchandise is on the move

Maximum Security

  • Patented Infrared (IR) Technology
  • Innovative alarming module breaks away from the cable and stays attached to the merchandise