Video surveillance central station

Unique service

Hiring a business that does it all is a winning solution. DCI Sécurité and its sister company DCI Investigation Protection, has its own central station, operators, patrolmen, and installers. This makes it a unique business. Sleep soundly knowing we are on the case.

Whether you are off for the weekend, on holiday, or in the middle of a wedding, our technicians keep an eye on your property and goods. You will no longer be disturbed by a false alarm unless there are extraordinary circumstances.

Skilled, experienced, and withgood judgement, our qualified personnel ensures your peace of mind night and day. Why choose anyoneelse? Still not convinced? Come take a look and see for yourself, we welcome visitors.

  • Residential: small or large, your property is in good hands
  • Commercial: boutique, office, shopping centre, car dealership
  • Industrial: warehouse, private lot, garage
  • Institutional: school, day care, public park
  • When it comes to security, it’s better to be prepared.

What is active detection?

Technology has come a long way. Ready to take on any challenge, our intelligent detection technology will immediately identify body heat in its field of vision to intervene on time. Detection technology can use conventional or existing cameras.

How does it work?

The intelligent detection system finds and categorizes different objects in the surveillance zone. It zooms and captures close-up images to facilitate identification. Viewing can then be done on the spot, or on your computer, smart phone or tablet in real-time or delayed real-time. Intelligent detection thus provides active, independent surveillance without the intervention of an operator—an ideal solution for large outdoor areas.

The darkness of night will no longer provide cover for any wrongdoers.

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Institutional
  • Because the human eye has its limits
  • Because it’s smart!

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