DVI to CAT5 Extender 300'


This DVI to CAT5 Extender Set transmits a digital DVI single link video signal up to 100 meters away using a single CAT5/5e/6 cable. Includes SEND & RECEIVE units & 2 - AC adapters for higher bandwidth.

DVI to CAT5 Extender Set Features:

  • Extends any DVI compliant device up to 100 meters from the computer Uses single CAT-5/5e/6 cable
  • Supports VESA Standard resolutions and HDTV resolution, High quality video resolution of up to 1920 x 1200 @60Hz 1080p
  • Supports DDWG standard for DVI compliant monitors
  • Supports system restart
  • Improved compensation for cable skew
  • This unit is designed to be used with devices that are not HDCP compliant
How the DVI to CAT5 Extender Set works: The DVI to CAT5 extender local unit sits next to the DVI source, such as a computer, DVD player or any set-top box. The cable supplied with the DVI extender connects your DVI source to the Local unit. The DVI CAT-5 Remote unit sits next to your DVI display up to 100 meters away. The display plugs into the back of the DVI CAT-5 extender Remote unit. Only one CAT-5 / 6 cable is needed to connect the Local unit and the Remote unit to each other.