USB over Cat5 Extender, 150 ft.


The Super USB Extender allows you to extend beyond USB length limits by using Cat5 cable. Now you can extend your USB devices up to 150 feet from your computer!

If you're looking for a USB extender that supports USB 2.0 speeds, we carry a USB 2.0 Extender from Gefen.

Use the Super USB Extender to extend your low cost USB webcams for security purposes. You can also use it to operate USB barcode scanners from a central computer or to extendany USB device, such as a keyboard, to another room.

Simply plug the master unit into your computer, connect the Cat5 cable and the remote unit, plug the USB cable for your device into the remote unit, and you are ready to go.

We also carry Cat5 cables in lengths of 100, 125, and 150 feet.

Looking for a shorter USB extension cable? If you don't need to extend the distance of your device more than 80 feet, you can use our shorter USB active extension cables.

We also carry regular USB device cables.