Broadband Wi-Fi Radio 5.8GHz 4KM


Advanced All‐in‐One AP/PxP/CPE
The Tr02 Series of 5GHz Tri‐Mode Outdoor units can be configured as AP, PxP Bridge, or CPE. These versatile units feature high performance radios and advanced networking and management capabilities including NAT Routing, StreamEngineTM QoS, Security, Bandwidth Throttling, and Dual Ethernet ports. The ruggedized weatherproof all‐in‐one design meets IP67 and NEMA Type 4X environmental standards, requiring minimum installation and maintenance costs in conditions ranging from ‐60 oC to +60 oC. The TR‐5a is also backed by an industry leading 5‐Year Parts 

 Key Features:

  • »  Dual Ethernet ports allow for "Daisy Chaining" of multiple radios
  • »  802.11 a mode supported
  • »  5, 10 & 20 MHz channel width selectivity
  • »  Tunnel Protocol Support (VPN, PPTP, RSA, etc)
  • »  Wireless Distribution System (WDS)
  • »  Security (WEP, WPA, MAC Authentication)
  • »  Status LEDs (in Access Point mode)
  • »  Alignment LEDs (in Client Adapter mode)
  • »  Client NAT Routing with QoS (Quality of Service)
  • »  SNMP Support
  • »  OFDM Technology
  • »  Throughput of up to 20 Mbps can be achieved with a good line-of-sight environment
  • »  Includes: PoE, Boot-cover, Mounting Kit (Dual Ethernet Boot Cover Optional)