AVerMedia NV3000 30FPS, 4video, 1audio (optional) stackable up to 4 cards for 120fps 16ch.


DCIAVM 3000 30fps

The AVerDVR NV3000 Series HYBRID Surveillance Platform features a comprehensive, yet user-friendly Windows-based digital surveillance recording (DVR) solution. It provides remote recording & monitoring, digital video archiving, password protection, audio and video recording synchronization, and much more.

Expandable from 4 to 16 cameras, the AVerDVR NV3000 Series provides the tools needed for total security in virtually any environment. Now you also have the added advantage of incorporating the best in CCTV Analog cameras as well IP cameras into a meshed Hybrid environment!!


  • 4 Camera Input (Expandable to 16 Camera)
  • 1 IP Camera Access
  • Supports Both Analog and IP Cameras
  • 1 Audio Input - Requires Audio Extension
  • 30 FPS Recording and Viewing
  • RCA Video Output
  • VGA Video Output Dual-Monitor support
  • NTSC Video Format
  • Adjustable Frame Rate and Resolution on Each Camera
  • Motion Detection / Continuous / Schedule / Voice Detection Recording
  • Intelligent Pre-motion and Post-motion Recording
  • Remote Internet Monitoring
  • Video Compression: MPEG4 / H.264 / M-JPEG
  • Powerful search by Date, Time, Camera, Area, Event or POS
  • Supports Windows Vista
Package Includes
  • 1 NV3000 Card
  • 1 Watchdog cable
  • 1 Video Signal Cable
  • 1 Quick User Guide
  • 1 Installation CD (includes drivers, application program, manual)

The following features are supported in Version
  • Hybrid Network Video Recorder (Accepts both CCTV/Analog as well as 1 IP Camera ** - If you need more IP Camera access kindly check out the higher NV series)
  • Dual Monitor Support
  • Video Intelligence: Object counting
  • Video Intelligence: Missing object detection
  • Video Intelligence: Suspicious object detection
  • Video Intelligence: Scene change detection (when someone shifts the camera)
  • IP PTZ support (selected models) and USB joystick support
  • Multiple camera angle can be set under E-MAP
  • External I/O Box support with up to 96 sensors and relays
  • New Network Function: A. Select video size and quality to have best quality on phone
  • New Network Function: B. High-level security that only allows listed remote IP ranges access to the server
  • New Network Function: C. Adjust transmitting frame rate and video quality
  • New Network Function: D. Synchronize local time with Internet Time Server
  • New Network Function: E. Limit the bandwidth available for each camera or limit the bandwidth for the system
  • Mandatory recording (record button always on)
  • Embedded player into each storage path for easier playback when the Hard drive is moved to another location
  • Encryption feature is available on both MPEG4 and H.264
  • Adjustable quality when output clips from playback
  • 2 scenarios for scheduled backup - mirror backup or incremental backup
  • Advanced MPEG4 / MPEG4 H.264 / Motion JPG
  • Supports Video Encryption for an even more secured remote access
  • Supports Direct burn to DVD-RW/CD-RW (via Nero Ultra v6.0+)
  • Easy setup and usage
  • POS: Point of sale integration (ANSI ASCII Serial output based cash registers)
  • POS: Database and Viewer with quick link to instant playback
  • Attention metric designed to measure the attention span of security officers
  • Intelligent Status Notification (Alert you on HDD space, CPU load, Memory usage, etc)
  • Compact mode for cleaner interface
  • Recording Method: Continuous recording
  • Recording Method: Motion detection recording
  • Recording Method: Smart detection recording
  • Recording Method: Voice detection recording
  • Alarm: Multiple events alarm alert
  • Alarm: Continuous trigger duration setting for sensors
  • Alarm: Event and alarm log recycle and backup
  • Password protect the playback of your video footage with encrypted MPEG4 compression
  • Easy Search and Playback: Step by step on date, hour, minute
  • Bookmark important old footage for easy playback and protect it from deletion during data recycling
  • New dispatch server allows an additional PC to act as a webcam server enhancing overall system response and stability
  • Remote Backup facility allows video data to be pulled off by a remote server
  • Keyboard lockup to enhance security
  • Watermark image verification technology
  • Supports over 12 different languages
  • Virtual keyboard
  • Record to multiple hard drives
  • Watch dog function built in
  • Video enhancer software designed to visually enhance surveillance video data
  • Remote View: Central monitoring system enables users to access and monitor multiple AVerDiGi NV/SA/EB DVRs/NVRs simultaneously for a wide range of applications
  • Remote View: Windows CE/Mobile Edition Handy view
  • Remote View: Java viewer support for Symbian smart phone or others with JAVA 2.0 support
  • Remote View: Internet Explorer

IP Cam Access limited to 1 channel for the NV3000 16 Ch system