AVerMedia NV7000 Hardware encoder, 4 video+4 audio per card, stackable to 16 cameras 480fps


DCIAVM 7000H 480fps

Real time display and recording, a pure H.264 MPEG4 hardware-compression solution! Our top of the line Windows-based digital surveillance recording (DVR) solution that provides remote recording &  monitoring, digital video archiving, password protection, and much more. Audio and video recording in synchronization. Also stackable up to 2 video capture cards for a total of 16 channels.

Now you can also take advantage of a meshed IP / CCTV Camera infrastructure for your daily surveillance needs.

  • 8 Camera Input Input (Expandable to 16 Camera)
  • 8 IP Camera Access
  • Supports Both Analog and Selected IP Cameras
  • 2 Way Audio Communication
  • 240 FPS Recording and Viewing
  • RCA Video Output
  • VGA Video output Dual-Monitor support
  • NTSC Video Format
  • Adjustable Frame Rate and Resolution on Each Camera
  • Motion Detection / Continuous / Schedule / Voice Detection Recording
  • Intelligent Pre-motion and Post-motion Recording
  • Remote Internet Monitoring
  • Video Compression: H.264
  • Powerful search by Date, Time, Camera, Area, Event or POS
  • Doesn't Support Windows Vista