AverMedia OSD Kit for NV5000 & NV3000 (remote control)


DCIAVM OSD Kit - AverMedia OSD Kit for NV5000 & NV3000 (remote control)

OSD-Kit (patent-pending), all functions in NV series DVR can be accessed through award-winning designed On-Screen -Display & remote controller. You will not find an easier way of controlling PC based DVR than using AVerDiGi OSD-Kit. The combination of AVerDiGi OSD-Kit and NV products is a much simpler system than a standalone DVR.


  • Immerse On-Screen-Display operation environment
  • One-push buttons to access most frequent used functions
  • Innovative instant On-Screen-Help
  • Easy installation and award-winning user interface


  • Supported Models: AVerDVR NV Series
  • USB receiver & Infra-red remote control
  • On-Screen-Keyboard for character input
  • Unique instant On-Screen-Help button