H&B Fixed Wireless Housing


DCIH&B Fixed Wireless Housing

The DCIH&B Fixed Wireless Housing is an outdoor, environmental enclosure designed to provide protection for the AXIS 211W Network Camera in both hot and cold climates. The housing is designed to meet the IP65 standard of protection. The body is constructed of an attractive white finished aluminum with black end caps, an integrated sunshield and a 7 dbi gain WiFi antenna with a low loss cable attachment to maximize the wireless capabilities of the AXIS 211W Network Camera.

The housing ships with a 24 VAC heater and blower that enables the DCIH&B  network camera to operate in temperatures from 20 F to +120

DCIH&B Fixed Wireless Housing Features

  • Designed to offer IP65 protection
  • 24 VAC heater/blower, sunshield
  • 7 dbi omni-directional antenna
  • Side hinge for easy access when servicing