Explosionproof Camera Housing 4x12 with bracket


Explosionproof Housing

▶ For use in hazardous and outdoor marine
▶ Meets IP66 and NEMA type 4X standards
▶ Adjustable mounting cradle
▶ Accessories available

The EHX8E Explosionproof Camera Housing has been
designed to meet the rigorous requirements of
explosionproof and dust-ignitionproof electrical equipment
for installation and use in hazardous locations, in
accordance with international standards. This housing
protects against water and dust contamination in
compliance with the IP66 and the NEMA 4X standards.
The EHX8E unit is constructed of aluminum and
accommodates many camera/lens combinations. A unique
camera mounting sled and track assembly allows fast, easy
positioning of the camera assembly and can be securely
locked in place.
Available accessories include heater and blower kits and a
sun shroud.

Technical Specifications
Maximum Camera/Lens Size
Without Heater and Blower Kit
(H x W x L)
146.0 x 130.2 x 609.6 mm
(5.75 x 5.125 x 24 in.) or
609.6 x 185.4 mm, diameter
(24 x 7.3 in.)
With Heater and Blower Kit or
Blower Only
(H x W x L)
146.0 x 130.2 x 565.2 mm
(5.75 x 5.125 x 22.25 in.) or
565.2 x 185.4 mm, diameter
(22.25 x 7.3 in.)
Cable Entry Two explosionproof sealable fittings; maximum
cable diameter 12.7 mm (0.50 in.)
Window 146.1 mm (5.75 in.) diameter, 12.7 mm
(0.50 in.) thick, ground and polished, fully
tempered plate glass
Camera Mounting Adjustable sled (included)
Construction Aluminum (6061T6)
Finish Textured polyester, pantone 427C and
Dimensions See dimensional outline
Weight (Approx.) 20.4 kg (45 lb)
Operating Temperature –20ºC to +73ºC (–4ºF to 163ºF)
Enclosure Protection NEMA Type 4X IP 66
Class I, Groups C and D
Class II, Groups E, F and G
Class I, Zone 1, AEx d IIB, Ex d IIB
03 ATEX 0318166U
0035 II 2 G Eex d IIB
II 2 D
Salt Atmosphere Suitable for outdoor marine (salt water) use
for vessels over 65 ft in length
Product Regulatory Compliance
Product Safety Classified by Underwriters Laboratories,
Inc., as to explosion and fire hazard only.
Complies with UL standard UL 1203 and
UL 2279; CSA standard C22.2 No. 30, and
E79-0-95 and E79-1-95. Complies with CE


SSEH8E Sun shroud
 Thermostatically controlled heater kit;
120 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 107 W; activates ON
at +4ºC (+40ºF) and OFF at +15ºC (+60ºF)
HKX8/10-2 Same as HKX8/10-1 except 24 VAC
HKX8/10-3 Same as HKX8/10-1 except 220 VAC
BKX6000 Continuous duty blower kit, 10 cfm,
120 VAC, 60 Hz, 3.8 W
BKX6024 Same as BKX6000, except 19.4 cfm,
24 VDC 50 Hz, (AC rectified) 1.9 W
BKX6000/220 Same as BKX6000, except 8 cfm, 220 VAC,
50 Hz, 9.6 W