Outdoor/Indoor NEMA 4X Non-Metallic Enclosures 24x24x10''


  • Outdoor NEMA 4
    NON-METALLIC Enclosure
  • 800 BTU AC Unit
    (no heater - see ACHT units for AC and Heat)
  • Variable Control Thermostat
  • Non-metallic polycarbonate enclosure allows you to place transmitters/ receivers inside!
  • Optional Back Panels or DIN Rails fit onto standoffs already existing in the back of the enclosure
  • Optional Back Panel Adjustment Kit allows you to “stack” panels within the enclosure
  • Optional keyed lock available
  • All holes pre-cut to install included AC units
  • Gaskets
  • Highly adaptable internal panel adjustment and rail system
  • Interior water channel & gaskets for added protection
  • Four latches pull door tight into gasket