Horloge IR Secret Caché avec Alarme


Covert Hidden Infrared IR Alarm Clock Spy Cam w/4GB SD Card and Motion Detection DVR With Infrared IR Nightvision to record in pitch black conditions

IR Clock Radio Hidden Camera & DVR Video Recorder All in One.

Our new Night Owl IR Clock radio camera allows you to see in the dark!

  • NEW 480 TVL Hi-Res 1/3" SONY CCD Image Sensor
  • Invisible IR Infrared Night Vision
  • Can see in pitch black conditions
  • MPEG4 Video compression
  • Built in Microphone for Audio Recording
  • Includes 4GB SD Card for Recording
  • Accepts up to 32GB SDHC Cards
  • Motion Detection Recording
  • Auto Over-write when SD card is full
  • Includes remote control
  • Functional 2 Band AM/FM Radio
  • Working Dual Alarm Clock
  • Optional Projector to show time on ceiling
  • Large 9" LED Display
  • Includes Video/Audio cable for setup

Great for...

  • Watching the babysitter
  • Monitor your Maid Service
  • Record the nanny or home health care worker
  • Recording Audio and Video

The hidden infrared IR night-vision alarm clock camera with microphone and built-in DVR is a great choice for homeowners who want to watch their children, nanny, home healthcare worker or more without anyone ever knowing they are being recorded.  This new version of our best-selling ALC-DVR32 now has a high resolution 480 TVL Sony CCD image sensor and invisible Infrared IR nightvision to see even when it is pitch black. For the business owner, this alarm clock camera can fit right into your office, as it is a fully functional alarm clock radio, so your employees will never know that you are recording everything that happens in your office. This hidden camera has a built in DVR so you simply plug the alarm clock into the wall and plug in an SD card (4GB sd card included supports cards up to 32GB) and this alarm clock will record audio and video covertly. Unlike many alarm clock DVRs on the market, this alarm clock spy camera has the SD card slot totally hidden in the inside of the alarm clock battery compartment, so that no one will even know that it is a DVR. Packed with additional features, this ALC-DVR32NV alarm clock hidden nightvision spy camera provides high quality real-time video and audio recording with time/date stamp and motion detection recording.

This camera and DVR includes a video/audio cable that can be plugged directly into a TV to playback the video and audio onto your TV. Or remove the included 4GB SD Card and plug it directly into your PC to playback video and audio on your PC. This DVR records continuously or on motion detection (default), and like our more expensive DVRs: once the SD Card fills up, the DVR automatically begins to over-write the oldest video.  This way you can always keep a rolling storage of what happens in your home or office. The Alarm clock, projector and radio are all fully functional, so no one would ever know that you are really recording them with this hidden covert DVR camera.

Night-vision Alarm Clock Covert Hidden Spy Camera Features

  • Hi-Resolution Color 480 TVL SONY CCD image sensor for excellent picture
  • Invisible Infrared IR LEDs for nightvision even in pitch black conditions
  • Built in DVR with Motion Detection Recording and auto over-write features
  • Includes 4GB SD Card (Supports up to 32GB)
  • SD Card hidden in the battery compartment
  • Records Audio and Video with Time/Date Stamps
  • Fully functional Alarm Clock Radio with Dual Alarms, Projection and AM/FM
  • Plug into TV to playback Video, or play back with SD Card on PC


Infrared Alarm Clock DVR Spy Cam Specifications:

Image Sensor1/3" SONY 480 TVL Hi-Res CCD
Infrared IR LED Nightvision
CompressionMPEG4 Compression w/4GB SD Card
Video OutputA/V RCA video output
RecordingMotion Detection or Continuous
Recording Resolution30fps at 320x240
12fps at 640x480 resolution
AudioBuilt in Audio recording in sync w/video
SD Card SupportRear SD Card slot supports up to 32GB
4GB Card included with clock
NightvisionColor to B/W image sensor with
invisible IR LEDs for illumination
Alarms2 Independent Alarms w/ AM/FM or Buzzer
RadioFunctional AM/FM Radio
LED DisplayExtra Large 9" LED Display
ProjectorTime Projector w/ focus adjustment
Battery BackupBattery Backup for time function
Remote ControlIncludes remote control for DVR
Warranty1-Year Mfg Parts/Labor