IR Cam D&N 540TVL Dinion XF- Nght/Sw (Clr/MChrme)-HighLight Sensitivity - 1/2


DCINIGHT BSH-0620 - DinionXF Day Night Camera - Night Sense

  • 1/2"
  • 540TVL
  • 15-bit DSP Technology
  • Superb sensitivity
  • Mechanically switching IR filter for IR sensitivity at night
  • XF-Dynamic for unsurpassed wide dynamic range

The DCINIGHT BSH-0620 High Performance 1/2-inch Digital CCD Day/Night Camera ensures the highest image quality possible atany time. Depending on the available light the camera willautomatically switch from color to monochrome.A unique combination of 15-bit digital video processing thatenhances sensitivity and XF-Dynamic which extends thedynamic range provides a sharper, more detailed imagewith outstanding accuracy in color reproduction.

All Dinion cameras are supplied ready to operate. Simplyattach and focus the lens, then connect power. No tools arerequired for back focus and power connection. Forespecially challenging situations where fine tuning orspecial settings are required, the camera parameters can beindividually set using the control buttons on the side of thecamera and On-screen Display (OSD). The cameraautomatically detects the lens type. The Lens Wizardensures accurate back-focusing for perfectly sharp picturesat all times.


XF-DynamicThe highly accurate 15-bit digital signal is automaticallyprocessed to optimally capture the detail in both the highand low light areas of the scene simultaneously, maximizingthe information visible in the picture.

Bilinx Technology

Bilinx is a bidirectional communication capabilityembedded in the video signal of all Bosch Dinion cameras.Technicians can check status, change camera settings andeven update firmware from virtually anywhere along thevideo cable. Bilinx reduces service and installation time,provides for more accurate set-up and adjustment, andimproves overall performance. In addition, Bilinx uses thestandard video cable to transmit alarm and statusmessages, providing superior performance withoutadditional installation steps.

Video Motion Detection

The built-in video motion detector allows you to select upto four fully programmable areas with individual thresholds.The global scene change detector minimizes false alarmscaused by sudden lighting condition changes, such asswitching on or off the indoor or security lighting. Whenmotion is detected alarms may be displayed in the videosignal while the output relay can be closed in addition toalarm message transmission on Bilinx.

Auto Black

The automatic black level feature enhances contrast bycompensating for reduced contrast (i.e. glare, fog, mist).