AME 530TVL 36x ZOOM  WDR - / Vandal Proof/ Heater & Blower - 0.02 Lux 24V AC Power Supply Inc.


This High-Resolution outdoor camera is ideal for high performance applications in rugged conditions. It is built with original Sony FCB-EX1010C/CP Zoom camera.  It provides a high quality optical 36x and digital 12X zoom capabilities giving it great range.  This camera comes in a durable weather-resistant outdoor housing capable of standing  from -30C degrees to +60C degrees. With the choice of wall or optional ceiling mount bracket it can be mounted to match any necessary camera solution.

The unit supports 128  preset positions and open Protocol agreement and works with any DVR supports Pelco D/Pelco P.  It can be controlled remotely over the internet from anywhere you go. It connects using a simple two-wire RS485 connection, allowing for easy setup to ensure no problems occur during installation.

It is not only be widely used for security surveillance, it is  also used as Marketing tool for online sales or remote online demo.

 - Retailers, schools, hospitals, Commercial sites
 - Hotels & gated communities
 - Transportation hubs, Parking lot
 - Banks, Casinos, Museums, Galleries