ACCESSCARD Ned compact Key Tag 6-10\'


K e y   F e a t u r e s :  
-  Credit card size
-  Identification up to 6 meters [ 18 ft]  
- Dual side read capability  
- Good price/ performance ratio
- Optional battery low indication
- Optional Tag Holder for windshield mounting


C o m p a c  t   T a g 
Operating frequency   2.45 GHz and optional 120 kHz
Dimensions    85,5 x 54 x 4,9 mm [3.36 x 2.13 x 0.19 in] credit card size
Weight          20  gram  [0.7  oz]
Protection    IP54 [approx. NEMA 2]
Colour     Grey, according to RAL 7035
Operating temperature   -20 ... +85°C [-4 … +185°F]
Storage temperature   -20 ... +85°C [-4 … +185°F]
Detection range    7 meters [23 ft] with TRANSIT Standard or Extended reader
     4 meters [12 ft] with TRANSIT Entry reader
Humidity    10% ... 93% relative humidity, non condensing
Power supply  Built-in lithium battery with expected lifetime of 5 years, under normal usage
and normal circumstances. Battery lifetime is not affected by the number of
times the tag is read or RF fields from other sources 
Mounting    Optional mounting accessories such as Tag Holder and Card Clip.  
Short-range identification  Nedap 120 kHz and optional EM4102 compatible
Identification    R/O Read/only decimal number
Operating modes   RO-A, Read only continuous transmission of the tag ID (default)
     RO-D, Read only random transmission of the tag ID
     EM-A, Read only EM4102 mode always on
     EM-D, Read only EM4102 mode random transmission of tag ID
Part numbers    9891900 Compact Tag
Documentation    Compact Tag_InstallGuide_English
     Windshield mounted tags_InstallGuide_English
Mounting accessories  Mounting
     5402948 Tag Holder , Compact Tag holder without suction pad or bi-adhesive
    5402956 Tag Holder with suction pad, Compact Tag Holder with suction pads
for easy windshield mounting
     5450055 Card Clip, a chrome metal crocodile clip with nylon strap