DCIALARM Internet / GSM Communicator Module


Uses existing Internet connection
and HSPA (3G) network for highspeed,
reliable and low-cost
communications to an IP receiver
• Automatically switches to 2G (EDGE/
GPRS) if 3G service is not available
• Integrated call routing
• Panel remote uploading/downloading
support via Cellular and Internet
• Individual Periodic Test Transmission
via Cellular and Internet
• Supervision heartbeats via Cellular or
• 128-bit AES encryption via Cellular
and Internet
• Full event reporting
• Supports SIA and Contact ID *
• PC-Link connection
• SIM card included
• Signal strength and trouble display
• Activating and initializing through C24
• Approvals: FCC/IC, PTCRB, UL,
• C24-HUB connectivity to support
the C24 Interactive Touch and
Automation packages
• Supports direct cellular connection to
C24 Interactive to allow system arm/
* Contact ID requires V4.5 and higher