DCICONTACT Garage door contact


Use the magnetic contact for garage doors and other overhead doors. The rugged armoured contact mounts to the floor with its internal reed switch that is hermetically sealed with a PVC shock absorber and a solid aluminum casing. This unit can be installed without worrying about driving over it, unlike some lesser models. Installation wires are protected in a 24" stainless steel armoured cable. The magnet is mounted to the door using an adjustable L shaped bracket for installation flexibility.

Amseco ODC59A Overhead Door (garage door) Contact Features:

  • Normally open (NO) for closed circuits (contacts are closed when magnet engaged)
  • Contact is enclosed in solid aluminum for long lasting use in rugged environents.
  • Installation wires are enclosed in armoured cable
  • 2 inch operating gap
  • Magnet aprox 3 inches long, mounted on an L bracket