Motion detector outdoor Pair - Beam Wall 200' (2) -5ºC + rain hood


The ASX series is the next step in Outdoor Detection and will satisfy all the needs of both users and installers. Optex's unique technology and design provide a wide range of functions that greatly simplify installation and maintain reliable performance even in many adverse weather or environmental conditions.

Fine Angle Adjustment for Alignment
Twin Synchronized Pulsed Beams Designed for Greater Stability
99% Beam Blocking Rate
Automatic Gain Control Circuit
Adjustable Beam Interruption Period
Lighting & Surge Protection

 Detection Method Infrared Photoelectric
100ft. ( 30m ) 200ft. ( 60m )
200ft. ( 60m ) 400ft. ( 120m ) 200ft. ( 60m ) 400ft. ( 120m )
100ft. ( 30m ) 200ft. ( 60m )
Maximum Arrival
1000ft. ( 300m ) 2000ft. ( 600m ) 1000ft. ( 300m ) 2000ft. ( 600m)
Beam Characteristics Pulsed infrared
Selectable Beam
4 channel
( Automatic synchronization )
Interruption Period 50 500msec ( Selectable )
10.5 28V DC
Power Input
Current Draw
Normal operation 46mA max
Normal operation 40mA
During optical alignment 46mA max
Alarm Period
Alarm Output Form C Relay ( 28V DC 0.2A max )
2sec ( ±1 ) nominal
Tamper Switch N.C. opens when cover is removed (Receiver Only)
Operating Temperature -13°F +131°F (-25°C +55°C )
Environment Humidity 95% Max
Alignment Angle ±5°Vertical, ±90° Horizontal
Mounting Wall or Pole
Weight 36.7oz ( 1040g ) ( Both Transmitter and Receiver )