GVACCESS Control Center + Video Wall Server + Digital Matrix


With GV-Control Center, you can remotely configure and manage up to 200 Video Walls, each with a different layout. A video wall is an establishment of multiple monitors on a server, which is a PC installed with multiple graphic cards. Depending on the incoming IP sources, you can display actual-size images on the Video Wall.


On each Video Wall, you can:

  • display up to 288 IP channels
  • display actual size IP images
  • freely adjust the size and position of each channel, whether it be within or across monitors
  • display up to 16 zoomed channels with Zoom Window
  • display up to 16 Scan Window, each is capable of displaying up to 64 channels in turn, at customizable time interval
  • display up to 16 web pages with Web Window
  • play back up to 16 videos with Media Window
  • play back up to 16 videos with Remote ViewLog Window
  • display up to 288 channels of customized view region of remote monitors
  • display live views enabled from Remote E-Map