ACCESSCOUNT GV-Web Report 200 ports Dongle



The GV-Web Report is designed to integrate and analyze the people counting and face counting data from GV-Systems and GV-Smart Boxes, as well as object size counting results from GV-Smart Boxes. Suitable for large-scale video surveillance deployments, it can receive the data from up to 1000 units of GV-Systems and GV-Smart Boxes.

Through the Web interface of GV-Web Report, you can access the reports and graphs of real-time, hourly, daily, monthly and yearly statistics on people, face and object size counting results. You can also view the live video and the recordings from multiple locations.


  • Support for up to 1000 units of GV-Systems and GV-Smart Boxes
  • People traffic monitoring
  • Real-time, daily, monthly, yearly counting reports and graphs
  • E-mail notification and I/O trigger when the number of people remaining exceeds the specified maximum
  • Counting results query from iPhone, iPad and other Android-based mobile devices
  • Grouping function to combine desired devices' cameras for data analysis
  • Remote playback of recordings from GV-Systems
  • Face counting results and snapshots from GV-Systems and GV-Smart Boxes
  • Vehicle counting results based on different object sizes
  • Analyzing people counts based on weather conditions (Taiwan and China only)
Minimum System Requirements
The following are minimum system requirements for the server to run GV-Web Report, and for the GV-System to run dbSync 2 in order to connect to GV-Web Report.
GV-System V8.3.2 or later
Software .Net Framework 3.5
Note: .Net Framework and dbSync2 can be found in the accompanying software CD.
GV-Web Report
OS 32-bit Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows Server 2008
64-bit Windows 7 / Windows Server 2008
Software .Net Framework 3.5
Browser Internet Explorer 7.0 or later
Hardware Internal or External GV-USB Dongle
1. .Net Framework can be found in the accompanying software CD.
2. It is recommended to use the internal GV-USB Dongle to have the Hardware Watchdog function which restarts the PC when Windows crashes or freezes.
Software License
Free License N/A
Maximum License 1000 clients
Increment for Each License 200, 500 or 1000 clients
Optional Combinations N/A
Dongle Type Internal or external