16 alarms in and 8 out


Access BCILDV 1608 (Alarm Controller)

This equipment is an alarm controller used for anti-theft, fire prevention, door alarm and remote surveillance etc. It can capture spot alarm information more than 1 kilometer away and transmit to a computer. It provides 16 ports Sensor In and 8 ports Data Out  that can be used for light, alarm, loudspeaker and cameras etc.

Prepared for ILDVR 3000H4C/E system and ILDVR 3000H4F system


  • Alarm In : 16-port Normal Open / Normal Close Input Voltage 0 ~ +15V
  • Alarm Out : 8-port Normal Open / Normal Close connector
  • Power Supply : DC12V 10W
  • Communication Protocol : Half Duplex RS-485
  • Output Power : 10A / DC28V,  or  7A / AC220V
  • Size : 182mmx120mmx30mm