RS232 to RS485, for 16+PTZ  up to 5000meters with Optical Isolation


Access BCILDV RS3 (Optical-Isolation RS232/RS485 +RS422 Converter)

Interface compatible with ELA/TLA of RS-232, RS-485/RS422

Access BCILDV RS3 interface can connect with PC, IPC or Laptop through one DB25 female connector, RS 422 or RS-485 interface need to be connected using 4 cable-connectors since RS-485 support 2 cable Half-Duplex, that means, for RS485, sending and receiving data using only 2 cables, generally handshake signal will control the data sending direction, internal circuit located in ILDVR-RS3/RS4 Optical Isolation Interface converter can apperceive data flow direction automatically, also it can switch over sent & bafflement control automatically, it can be used to buildup RS-485 network conveniently without handshake signal, the mechanism of RS-485 is totally transparent, no software modification is needed for the operation.

Transfer Speed:
5 KM

38 Kbps

Interface Characteristic: interface compatible with ELA/TLA RS-232, RS485/RS-422 standard.

Electric Interface: RS-232C interface: DB25 connector
RRS-422/RS485 ingerface: 4-cable connector or RJ11 phone Plug.

Transmission Medium: twisted-pair or shielded-pair
Signal indicator: two double color signal indicators TSK, RXD
Size: 125mmx54mmx25mm
Environment: Temperature -25 to 70 centigrad degree, Humidity 5% to 95%