Aiphone IS-IPDV Wide Angle Pan Tilt Zoom Color Video Door Station

The IS Series IP Security Intercom from Aiphone is a video intercom system that allows you to take full advantage of your existing network infrastructure without the need for new wiring or peripherals. Whether you run a small business, a large corporation, or a school district, the IS Series from Aiphone provides cost effective building communication while controlling security. It is designed to be flexible enough to meet every need depending on your budget and application requirements.  It uses video and audio stations with the ability to monitor these stations from any place on your network. Using either software to turn your PC into a master station, or a master station itself, the IS Series is perfect for businesses with existing networks to have entry and access security and intercom services using your existing network. Place video stations at entrances, specially secured areas, and even use speakers to pre-record special messages played certain times of the day. It is the perfect intercom system that uses existing CAT-5e or CAT-6 wiring already in place in your building. View the Aiphone IS Series Video Here.


This IS-IPDV is an IP addressable Wide Angle Digital Pan-Tilt and Zoom Video Door Station. It is made out of aluminum die cast and is both vandal and weather resistant. It connects directly to a network using CAT-5e or CAT-6 cable and can communicate with any master station connected to the network or a PC with PC-SOFT to be a master station. It has a dry contact for door release. It utilizes 802.3af compliant power-over-ethernet standard or an external 24v power supply, the PS-2420UL. It shows images with 170 degree angle allowing you to fully see everyone and tilt and zoom the camera if desired.  It is used in the IS Series for surface mount applications. The IS-IPDVF is identical except it is flush mounted and a little larger. Check out the other components/features of the IS Series System below and if you have any questions, call one of our intercom specialists at 800-221-8227.  We'll be happy to discuss your needs and point you to the right products for your application. Also attached are Aiphone system brochures under the "Resources" tab above. If this is what you want, click "Add to Cart" now to purchase the IS-IPDV Video Door Station.

Benefits and Features of the IS Series:

  • All-in-one communication system to control video entry, public address, access control, and scheduled bell systems
  • Uses new or existing CAT-5e / 6 network infrastructure
  • Program system functions via browser
  • Basic conversation plus full range of exchange functions:
    Time based call forwarding, scan monitoring, emergency call, priority call, video audio recording, paging, and scheduled zone paging
  • Transfer calls to outside phone lines
  • Wide angle camera (170°) with PanTilt & Zoom function
  • Composite video output from IS-MV / IS-CCU / IS-SCU
  • IP addressable stations available for easy network communication
  • PC master station records audio/video directly to PC
  • Forward failed calls automatically to another master or group of masters or an outside phone number if the called master does not answer
  • Transfer call-ins from a video door station to any standard or PC master station on the network for easy identification
  • Schedule Bells & Announcements:
    Program daily announcements by day, week, month, or year.  Create different schedules for holiday breaks, or after hours
  • Pre-record or load up to 15 messages or sound tones
  • Create areas and zones to easily broadcast emergency announcements quickly 

Boxed Sets:

We sell 4 different boxed sets; 2 with the master station, 2 with the PC software so your PC can act as a master and 1 Door Station, flush or surface mounted. Check those out below: