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DCIMOBILE Mini Mobile Server

Mini Mobile Server Car PC Barebone (Intel)

Compact, high performance x86 car PC (vehicle PC, auto PC / carputer / car computer) aimed at automotive / car PC hardware customers and telematics system integrators. Automotive ready: Eliminating in-car power issues, the Mini Mobile Server PC is the perfect high performance mobile car PC solution providing a versatile, low cost navigation and infotainment hardware platform.

The kit contains the  Intel D945GCLF2 Mini-ITX Motherboard, the Mini Mobile Server PC-2 car PC enclosure, the P4-12V to P4-12V cable for M2-ATX Intelligent DC Power Supply, the Slim Cd-ROM to 2.5" IDE Adapter, wire harness, connectors and jumpers.

Mini Mobile Server PC-2 is a compact, high performance yet affordable x86 vehicle / car PC (car computer) kits specifically designed for the ultra power sensitive conditions of in-vehicle applications. Based on Intel D945GCLF2 Mini-ITX Motherboard the Mini Mobile Server PC-2 is aimed at driving telematics mainstream and provides a versatile, low cost navigation and infotainment platform.

With a footprint of 21cmx26.5cmx6.6cm, made out of massive 5.5mm extruded aluminum profile, the Mini Mobile Server PC-2(TM) car PC (carputer) encloure was designed to work with any type of mini-ITX motherboard (170x170mm) from fanless configurations such as VIA mini-ITX or Pentium or low power Pentium-M processors and an entire range of slim ATAPI devices: CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, CD-RW and DVD-RW drives, making it the ideal car PC solution.

The Mini Mobile Server PC-2 integrates the intelligent Mini-box M2-ATX-HV car PC (vehicle , boat, electric cart, construction site, RV, Model Home etc) automotive power supply unit to prevent system damage from power surges and eliminate car battery drain by monitoring car battery levels, even when the car is turned off. The VoomPC car PC (carputer, boat pc) can take a SlimCD drive and a 2.5" drive. While in deep sleep mode, M2-ATX constantly monitors your car battery voltage levels, preventing deep discharge situations by automatically shutting down (using a buil-in shutdown controller) until battery levels reach safe levels again.

No more dead car batteries, no more computer resets during engine cranks, along with multiple timing schemes, small formfactor and very competitive price makes the M2-ATX the premier solution for dc-dc ATX vehicle / car PC power supply solutions.

The Mini Mobile Server PC-2 barebone platform is ideal for automotive enthusiasts and telematics (in-vehicles) system integrators alike to integrate a wide range of GPS navigation, communication, entertainment and information functionality into private cars or vehicle-dependent professional service vehicles such as law enforcement, rescue and commercial transport, where access to data on the road is essential.

  • Intel D945GCLF2 Mini-ITX Motherboard
  • M2-ATX car PC PSU
  • VoomPC-2 car PC enclosure
  • P4-12V to P4-12V cable for M2-ATX Intelligent DC Power Supply
  • Slim Cd-ROM to 2.5" IDE Adapter
  • Cable harness included
  • Case + PSU made by
  • RoHS Compliant